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Talent, should I say talented!! Credit is due to Pat, he is truly a one of a kind Architectural professional, craftsman and artist. I'm pretty sure Pat is in a league all by himself. No other individual or company can communicate and perfect the design process like Pat can. Pat has a impressive skill level of expertise and craftsmanship, one that far out ways the competition. Historical preservation at its best. His work is a must see!! It is inspiring to see reclaimed, re-purposed, recycled and reuse of buildings, furnishings and artifacts. Well done Pat Drury!
Mary Weideman
Pat and his team take discarded and unwanted old items and make them into a thing of beauty!! Check this site out!!!
Susan Leigh
Pat has a one of a kind brilliant mind. His ability to take something old and random to something new and amazing is just phenomenal. From lights, to furniture, to architectural details he always finds a way to add whimsey and make your home uniquely yours.
Valerie Jaksic
"Anne and I first met Pat Drury at a Farmer’s Market in Bailey’s Harbor where he had a booth featuring some furniture and lamps that he had created.  They were so unique and interesting that we struck up a conversation with Pat and found he also does custom building.  We kept his card and when our worn out and unattractive old garage collapsed after a major snow storm, we saw our chance.  We demolished the building and asked Pat if he wanted to work with us to create a unique studio/office structure that would serve as what we are calling our “hideaway” on the existing foot print of the old structure. The idea was to create a space that utilized re-purposed elements from other buildings that had been torn down so that it had a unique feel and also looked like it had been there for a long time.  Pat was fantastic to work with.  We found some of the elements at various antique fairs but Pat supplied most of the materials from his shop in DePere and his own hunting expeditions.  His enthusiasm and creativity were contagious and the result exceeded our expectations".
Rob Zwettler  

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